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why us?

  • CPAs & IRS EAs with 30 years of combined industry experience
  • All returns prepared securely in US 100%. We take security of your data seriously.
  • Maximum refund gauranteed or we will do your returns for free
  • Know what you pay upfront, 40 to 60% below market price
  • Federal- $39, State - Free for student filings
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Indian CPA IRS Enrolled Agent

List of docs needed: If you upload high resolution scans we can process your returns faster

  • Main filer's valid photo ID
  • Fill this client sheet and upload into your account along with below tax docs
  • W2-Form(s)
  • Interest Statements 1099-Int(s)
  • Dividend Statements 1099-Div(s)
  • Misc income statements 1099-Misc(s) if you worked on 1099 Fill this expense sheet for 1099 Income
  • 1099-B if sold stocks
  • State Income Tax Refund form 1099G and last year filing copy if your filed taxes in 2015
Note: We accept BOA transfer, Wells Sure Pay, Chase quickpay. We do offer paypal or credit card payments for some fee.